Inju (2008)

Inju: The Beast in the Shadow (aka Inju, la bête dans l’ombre) is a 2008 film set set in Japan, directed by Barbet Schroeder and based on a 1928 novel by the Japanese writer Edogawa Rampo.The film stars Benoît Magimel and Lika Minamoto and was filmed on location in Japan (mostly in Tokyo, subbing for Kyoto, where strict rules make filming almost impossible). In the Photo Gallery (below) you will find extensive photos, plus links to a variety of materials from Barbet Schroeder’s personal Archives related to to the production of Inju. As one can tell from the photos, Inju was quite a complex and extensive film production. The Production Designer of Inju was Fumio Ogawa, and some of his original production design drawings for the film are presented here.

Of particular interest might be to see the Storyboards and view “From Storyboard To Screen” – this really illuminates how film productions are realized graphically from the page to the screen.

INJU Photos & Design Drawings (F. Ogawa)

INJU Storyboards (by H. Soma)

From Storyboard to Screen: (See first two storyboards “S#1 1-6) (video)

INJU, Production Design Makeup

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